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How to use CSS Scroll Snap

Nada Rifki demonstrates the scroll-snap-type and scroll-snap-alignCSS properties. I like that the demo shows that the items in the scrolling container can be different sizes. It is the edges of those children that matter, not some fixed snapping distance.

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Emergency Website Kit

Here’s an outstanding idea from Max Böck. He’s created a boilerplate project for building websites that fit within a single HTTP request. This is extremely important for websites that contain critical information for public safety. As Max writes:

In cases of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. But exi..

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Will Facebook’s massive usage increases (eventually) turn into revenue?

The pandemic is helping the company repair its public image.

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Search marketers are volunteering services, support to help small businesses get through COVID-19

Consulting, web hosting, budget coaching — marketers are extending help to ease the strain on businesses.

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Creating an Editable Site with Google Sheets and Eleventy

Remember Tabletop.js? We just covered it a little bit ago in this same exact context: building editable websites. It’s a tool that turns a Google Sheet into an API, that you as a developer can hit for data when building a website. In that last article, we used that API on the client side, meaning JavaScript needed to run on eve..


Maintaining Performance

Real talk from Dave:

I, Dave Rupert, a person who cares about web performance, a person who reads web performance blogs, a person who spends lots of hours trying to keep up on best practices, a person who co-hosts a weekly podcast about making websites and speak with web performance professionals… somehow goofed and added 33 SECONDS to their page load.

This stuff is hard even when..

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Google pledges $340 million in Google Ads credits for SMBs

The credits will be available for eligible active advertisers “in the coming months.” It is also expanding ad grants for COVID-19 public service announcements.

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The State of Security:

Tupperware Website Compromised with Credit Card Skimmer

Digital attackers compromised the website of kitchen and household products manufacturer Tupperware with a credit card skimmer. On March 20, researchers at Malwarebytes observed that attackers had compromised tupperware[.]com by hiding malicious code within an image file. This code activated when a user attempted to check out and complete their purchase on Tupperware’s online store. […]… 

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Tell us: How are you pivoting during the COVID-19 crisis?

We want to hear from our community about the creative tactics you’re using to wrestle the beast of uncertainty to find small wins (for clients or staff) in these unprecedented times.

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Did you know that users’ gazes follow a pinball pattern?

Eye tracking studies uncovered a “pinball pattern” in users’ gazes.

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How Aaron Osteraas Made the Content to Code Career Transition

As Aaron Osteraas can tell you, the path between discovering what you want to do for a living and actually doing it is rarely linear.

Now a Software Engineer at Tigerspike, a digital services company headquartered in Sydney, Aaron’s journey toward becoming a develop..

SEOmoz Blog:

Generating Local Content at Scale - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by rjonesx.

Building local pages in any amount can be a painful task. It's hard to strike the right mix of on-topic content, expertise, and location, and the temptation to take shortcuts has always been tempered by the fact that good, unique content is almost impossible to scale.

In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, Russ Jones shares his favorite white-hat t..


Get Static

In this piece, Eric Meyer argues that performance is more important than ever right now — especially for websites that contain critical information for the public:

If you are in charge of a web site that provides even slightly important information, or important services, it’s time to get static. I’m thinking here of sites for places like health departments (and pretty much all ..

Search Engine Land:

Businesses should limit, not disable, their sites during temporary closures, Google says

A full takedown can result in losing Search Console data and make it more difficult to ramp back up.

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