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Planet MySQL:

mysqlbinlog: support for protocol compression

We are happy to share with you that the mysqlbinlog tool has been enhanced. Starting on 8.0.17, the user can instruct the mysqlbinlog tool to negotiate, with the server that it connects to, whether to use protocol compression or not. Since MySQL 5.6, the mysqlbinlog tool can connect to a remote server and act as a slave.… Tweet Google Plus Share


Unsuck It

Julia Carrie Wong and Matthew Cantor's How to speak Silicon Valley: 53 essential tech-bro terms explained was pretty hilarious. A little something in there to offend everyone.

Speaking of kinda douchey words, I'm reminded of one of my favorite sites on the internet:

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“Don’t lie to yourself. You’re a horrible person”

So there is a thread on Namepros where members post, “sell it back to me” email encounters. So George Quang published one, Haha i got a joke today. Get an email from previous owner of a domain that i won in Auction several days. And yes, she made my day. ” This has been my […]

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Planet MySQL:

Connect to MySQL after hitting ERROR 1040: Too many connections

ERROR 1040…again A pretty common topic in Support tickets is the rather infamous error: ERROR 1040: Too many connections. The issue is pretty self-explanatory: your application/users are trying to create more connections than the server allows, or in other words, the current number of connections exceeds the value of the max_connections variable. This situation on its own is already a problem for your end-users, but when on top of that you are no..

Planet MySQL:

Some 'Small' Changes in MySQL 8.0.17

I would like to point out some 'small' things you may not have noticed in the MySQL 8.0.17 Release Notes.  They are small changes compared to things like MVIs, InnoDB cloning, and the like but these are the types of changes that are subtle that may catch you unaware.1. Host names have grown from 60 to 255 characters.  However your SSL/TLS package may not be able to handle the longer names.2. If you are an old C/C++ programmer, 'C-style &&..

Domain Name Wire:

Namecheap files reconsideration request over removing .Org, .Info price caps

Company asks ICANN to reconsider its decision to remove price caps on some legacy top level domains. One of the largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrars has filed a Reconsideration Request (pdf) with ICANN over its decision to remove price caps in its renewed contracts for .org and .info domain names. Namecheap filed the request as […]

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Sedo weekly sales led by

Sedo released their weekly sales and led the way at 33,000 Euros, ($36,813). was second at $30,000. sold for $9,999. Lowest price for an in three years except for the lady who did not know what to list for and took the Sedo suggestion on 49 .com sales 27 cctld […]

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Search Engine Land:

Merkle: Google ad growth slowed, Microsoft gained with Yahoo in Q2

The Verizon Media transition helped propel Microsoft Advertising shopping ad growth among Merkle’s client base last quarter.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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The largest .io sale of all time is going to be used for a Crypto app

Last month sold for $68,000 at This marks the largest reported .io sale of all time. It looks like the name was bought by a crypto company and will be an app that allows users to spend 20+  cryptocurrencies from a non-custodial wallet. Interestingly there is a that is a game […]

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10+ Top Vue.js Tools & Libraries

Vue continues to grow in popularity and is rapidly being adopted by many developers, and Vue.js tools are popping up everywhere. This is not without reason: Vue's shallow learning curve, clear functionality-driven structure, and excellent documentation make it easy for novices to pick it up, and for more experienced deve..


How to Create Websites for Business Startups

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Calling all web designers: We've got some good news for you.


Domain Name Wire:

A quick fix to GoDaddy invalid request errors

Getting invalid request errors? Trying going incognito. I’ve recently run into a few errors at GoDaddy that required a call to my account rep, and I’ve learned a quick tip that can help resolve the errors. When clicking through links to confirm contact updates while receiving domain names from another investor, I kept getting errors […]

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VMware vSphere Blog:

vCenter Server 6.7: Day 2 Operations

Deployment (Day 1) is over and you have successfully deployed your vCenter Server, configured your data center, created clusters and configured hosts. That feeling of completion is great right? Well at this point, the vCenter Server may be running great but what about setting up the File-Based Backup and Restore, deploying a Content Library, or

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Planet PHP:

503 Service Unavailable - Evert Pot

503 Service Unavailable is a status that a server can send when they are overloaded, or otherwise incapable of handling a request. It couls still be starting, or it perhaps the application is partially down.

When this status is returned, a server can optionally include a Retry-After header to tell a client when to try the request again.



Pseudo Code

Yonatan Doron wrote a post on Medium not long ago called "Art of Code — Why you should write more Pseudo Code." Love that title, as a fan of pseudo code myself. That is, writing "code" that describes something you want to do or communicate, but that isn't of any particular language and doesn't use any correct APIs or anything.