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Designing Your Future

Christopher Murphy channels the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come by not just look into the future, but shaping the form it takes. By taking action now you can affect the outcome down the road, making all the difference when it comes to a big life change such as leaving full time employment.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for a var..

The Domains:

Uniregistry is removing TopCoin from their platform

Uniregistry will be removing TopCoin, the loyalty based rewards program offered when registering domain names. Many people would always ask how they could use their TopCoins or what value they had. From their website: Topcoin is based on the belief that alternative currencies, and specifically those based on the Bitcoin protocol, will introduce creativity & […]

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Virtualization Review:

Kaloom Software Defined Fabric Integrates Kubernetes, OpenShift

Networking start-up Kaloom announced the integration of OpenShift and Kubernetes into its Software Defined Fabric, an industrialized networking software solution running on white-box hardware.

Planet MySQL:

Group Replication: A member in “RECOVERING” state is part of the primary partition

If you are using MySQL InnoDB Cluster (Group Replication) with ProxySQL, you should be familiar with the 2 functions and 1 view required in SYS Schema that ProxySQL uses to see if a node is online, partitioned or not, and if it’s lagging or not (see link1 and link2). I received recently a very valuable contribution from Bruce DeFrang that fixes a bug in one of the function that were added to SYS. In fact, Bruce discovered that when a node was in ..

DN Journal:

Latest Verisign Report Shows More Growth in Global Domain Registrations With .COM, ccTLDs & New gTLDs All Up

Verisign has released their latest quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief showing where worldwide registrations in all categories now stand.

Planet MySQL:

LSM math - size of search space for LSM tree configuration

I have written before and will write again about using 3-tuples to explain the shape of an LSM tree. This makes it easier to explain the configurations supported today and configurations we might want to support tomorrow in addition to traditional tiered and leveled compaction. The summary is that n LSM tree has N levels labeled from L1 to Ln and Lmax is another name for L1. There is one 3-tuple per level and the components of the 3-tuple are (ty..

Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog:

MDN Changelog for November 2018

MDN wraps up a year of hard work by shipping monthly MDN payments, converting from Font Awesome to SVG, adding
browser names to compatibility tables, and growing the development team. Thanks to every one of the contributors who've helped us make MDN Web Docs better than ever in 2018.

The post MDN Changelog for November 2018 appeared fir..

Domain Name Wire:

Why DreamHost is holding off on WordPress 5.0 updates

Hosting company will delay auto-updates until after Christmas as a precaution. Earlier this week I wrote about how GoDaddy auto-updated its managed WordPress customers to WordPress 5.0 shortly after it came out and why I thought this was a bad idea. This week I also interviewed Mika Epstein, a WordPress engineer at DreamHost, for an […]

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Planet MySQL:

Replicating data into Clickhouse

Clickhouse is a relatively new analytics and datawarehouse engine that provides for very quick insertion and analysing of data. Like most analytics platforms it’s built on a column-oriented storage basis and unlike many alternatives is completely open source. It’s also exceedingly fast, even on relatively modest platforms. Clickhouse does have some differences from some other environments, for example, data inserted cannot easily be updated, and ..

Search Engine Land:

SearchCap: Google Search Console report change, Google Shopping expands & SinglePlatform with Moz

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

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Annotated Build Processes

When you're putting together a build process for a site, it's so dang useful to look at other people's processes. I ran across Andrew Welch's "An Annotated webpack 4 Config for Frontend Web Development" the other day and was glad he blogged it. If I was kicking off a new site where I wanted a webpack build, then I'd almost certainly reference .. now accepts Australian dollars announced that it now accepts Australian dollars to its escrow service. also accepts USD and Euro. can be used for secure transactions involving any item of value, including domain names, vehicles, machinery, aircraft, space station hotel deposits or anything that a business or an individual might want to buy or sell safely …

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Making SVG icon libraries for React apps

Nicolas Gallagher:

At Twitter I used the approach described here to publish the company’s SVG icon library in several different formats: optimized SVGs, plain JavaScript modules, React DOM components, and React Native components.

There is no One True Way© to make an SVG icon system. The only thing that SVG icon systems have in common is that, somehow, some way, SVG is used to show that icon. I gotta find some time..


Two Ways to Build a Site That Seem Super Different But Weirdly Aren’t That Different

Here are two ways to build a site (abstractly) that feel diametrically opposed to me:

Build a site as an SPA (Single Page App). The page loads a skeleton HTML page that executes JavaScript as quickly as it can. The JavaScript calls an API to get data, and then the page renders content. Navigation of the site is more API calls to get the data it needs and re-rendering. Build a site as statically-generated. A build process runs in which..

Hacker Noon:

TRON blockchain announced 3 basic rules of crypto gaming within TRON Arcade.

On the 29th of November, 2018 TRON issued a public statement regarding the establishment of a blockchain games’ fund called TRON Arcade. According to the fund, there will be $100M invested in the development of the cryptogames market. The $100M in funding will be distributed over the next 3 years. TRON Arcade is a part of TRON’s long-termed commitment to accelerating the decentralization of the Internet through blockchain tech..