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The Spurious Justifications for Eliminating Price Caps on .org and Other Legacy Domains

ICANN is about to do serious damage to its reputation by making a precipitous, ill-considered leap into the unknown should it follow through on removing price constraints on several legacy extensions, most notably .org. Doing so would expose a global community of non-profits to the risk of quickly-escalating exploitative pricing. The rationale for eliminating price caps relies on three points, all of which are incorrect — 1) that the reg..

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Can Blockchain and Privacy Save Facebook?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is going big with private communication. But to truly succeed with this new business model, the company…


Who Are Design Systems For?

Specific design systems, I mean. Design systems, as a concept, are something just about any site can benefit from.

A lot of hype goes into design systems these days. Just the other day, an organization's published their design system publicly and I got a slew of DMs, emails, and Slack messages encouraging me to check it out. "Looks good to me," I said. But I'm merely knocking on the hood of a new car, so to speak. I haven't sat..

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The Era of Artificial Intelligence Based Sentiment Analysis Tools

The cryptocurrency trade market is finally getting out of its initial volatility phase and showing signs of maturity. The bubble-like behavior has been cut down significantly during 2018 crypto winter. However, the crypto trade market is still highly unpredictable, and even the recent price rally has got everyone by surprise. The reason being many analysts have predicted the bulls to take charge during the latter half of the y..

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How to Integrate Tungsten Cluster Monitoring Tools with PagerDuty Alerts

Overview The Skinny In this blog post we will discuss how to best integrate various Continuent-bundled cluster monitoring solutions with PagerDuty (, a popular alerting service. Agenda What’s Here? Briefly explore the bundled cluster monitoring tools Describe the procedure for establishing alerting via PagerDuty Examine some of the multiple monitoring tools included with the Continuent Tungsten Clustering software, and provide exam..

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Serving React and Django together

Reactjs is a nice framework for frontend and Django REST framework (DRF) is another great framework for API development. I wonder how to serve React and Django projects in the same server and same port! Finally, I’ve reached a solution and today I’ll discuss it.

In this article, we’ll create an API using Django REST Framework and a React project (fron..

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Domain renewal scam moves to robocalls

One perpetrator of renewal scam is now using robocalling. Almost everyone who has registered a domain name has received scam renewal notices. The notices, sent via email or postal mail, try to trick you into renewing your domain name with a company other than your domain registrar. Now this scam has moved to robocalls. Here’s […]

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Why All US States Need Privacy Laws Like California Consumer Privacy Act

In June 2018 California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The act requires large companies that collect data from more than 50,000 individuals per year, and that have more than $25 million in annual revenue, to adhere to stricter user privacy standards. The law gives people more rights when it comes to knowing how their information is gathered, stored, p..

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Delays in app delivery to Kubernetes

Delays in App Delivery to KubernetesDelivering enterprise applications to Kubernetes

Enterprises around the world are waking up to the containers and Kubernetes trend. There are numerous benefits of delivering an application as container packages to Kubernetes but at the same time, the process of..

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Towards More Programmable and Robust Security Tokens: Five Protocols that Should be Part of…

Towards More Programmable and Robust Security Tokens— Five Protocols that Should be Part of Security Token Platforms

The market for security token platforms seems to be getting more crowded every weeks. In a market with only a handful of actively traded security tokens, we already have over 50 platforms that are promising to be the future of crypto-securities. On paper, most of those platforms look incredibly similar which cont..

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Serving React and Koa together

Reactjs and Koajs are two great frameworks of javascript. I wonder how to serve React and Koa projects in the same server and same port! Finally, I’ve reached a solution and today I’ll discuss it.

In this article, we’ll create an API using koa and a React project (frontend) which will consume the API. The idea is very simple, React will fetch some book names from the bac..

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Tabloid The Sun tried to buy for $600,000

Then it engaged in reverse domain name hijacking. The British tabloid The Sun unsuccessfully tried to buy the domain for $600,000, later resorting to reverse domain name hijacking to try to get the domain from its rightful owner. The publication uses the domain name The paper first made a $300,000 offer for the […]

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Why I Hate The Idea Of The “Side Hustle”

Originally Posted Here

I hate the idea of the side hustle.

Let me explain.

Since I was 16 I had a knack for picking up 2–3 jobs at one time. Sometimes I did it on purpose, other times it honestly just happened.

It started first when I was working as a cook in fine dining and one of the Chefs went to another restaurant and asked me..

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Implement Infinite Scroll or Pagination in iOS UITableView using Swift 5

Infinite scroll is one of the basic requirements of the modern apps. It is a design pattern where content is continually loaded into the interface as the user scrolls downwards. Also called endless scroll, the point is that the user never reaches the end of the page. Instead they are presented with a perpetual content stream without having to click or spend cognitive load on paginated navigation.

Sound familiar? It shoul..