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How to Automate Migration from Standalone MySQL to Galera Cluster using Ansible

Database migrations don’t scale well. Typically you need to perform a great deal of tests before you can pull the trigger and switch from old to new. Migrations are usually done manually, as most of the process does not lend itself to automation. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for automation in the migration process. Imagine setting up a number of nodes with new software, provisioning them with data and configuring replication between old..

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No Ping Will Tear Us Apart – Enabling member auto-rejoin in Group Replication

With the release of version 8.0.16 of MySQL, we’ve added some features to the Group Replication (GR) plugin, in order to enhance its high-availability capacities. One of these features was the ability to enable a member that has left the group, under certain circumstances, to automatically rejoin it, without need of intervention by the user.…

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Re-evaluating MySQL 8 Query Transformations Capabilities

I recently stumbled upon a very interesting post by Lukas Eder, where he describes 10 query transformations which do not depend on the database’s cost model. He posted it a couple of years ago, though when I read it, I assumed some portions of it may still be relevant today. In the original post, several databases were tested to see if their internal optimizer will be able to automatically re-write the SQL queries and optimize them. In those test..