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Shinguz: MySQL Enterprise Backup Support Matrix

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is a bit limited related to support of older MySQL versions. So you should consider the following release matrix: MEB/MySQL Supported  5.5   5.6   5.7   8.0  3.11.x NO x x 3.12.x YES x x 4.0.x NO x 4.1.x YES x 8.0.x YES 8.0.x* * MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.15 only supports MySQL 8.0.15. For earlier versions of MySQL 8.0, use the MySQL Enterprise Backup version with the same version number ..

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Dealing with MySQL relay logs when disk space is limited, but the replica is far behind the source

I just encountered the problem described in the title, on a server I don’t have enough free space for create a backup as long the replica is catching up, because the relay logs eats all the available free space as the IO thread works faster than the SQL thread in the replication. What to do? […]

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How Network Bandwidth Affects MySQL Performance

Network is a major part of a database infrastructure. However, often performance benchmarks are done on a local machine, where a client and a server are collocated – I am guilty myself. This is done to simplify the setup and to exclude one more variable (the networking part), but with this we also miss looking at how network affects performance. The network is even more important for clustering products like Percona XtraDB Cluster and MySQL Group..

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MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.14+: Changed Expression Handling in mysqlx

Tweet The X DevAPI allows you to work with JSON documents and SQL tables at the same time. Furthermore, the CRUD style API is more intuitive than SQL statements for some programmers. Either way, the X DevAPI allows you to mix JSON documents, SQL tables, CRUD methods, and SQL statements to give you the best of all worlds. In MySQL Connector/Python, the X DevAPI is implemented in the mysqlx module. This blog will look at how MySQL Connector/Pyt..