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Decryptor Now Available for Files Affected by GandCrab Ransomware v5.1

Researchers have released an updated decryptor that allows victims of GandCrab ransomware version 5.1 to recover their affected files for free. On 19 February, Bitdefender announced that they had developed the decryptor in collaboration with the Romanian police, Europol and other law enforcement entities. This new utility builds upon the work of two previous tools […]… 

The State of Security:

Tribbles, Supply Chains and Industrial Cyber Security

In the original Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles,” an unscrupulous merchant, Cyrano Jones, gives a small furry animal called a Tribble to communications officer Uhura. Uhura takes the Tribble aboard the Starship Enterprise where the animal begins to quickly reproduce, thereby threatening to overrun the ship and cause significant damage. This episode is […]… 

The State of Security:

When it Comes to NIST 800-171 Compliance – There’s ‘On Time’ and There’s ‘Lombardi Time’

If you wait to become 800-171 compliant, you won’t win contracts. That was the message we wanted to make loud and clear to over 200 federal contractors during last week’s Washington Technology (WT) webcast, Inside NIST 800-171: Cyber Requirements and the Risk of Non-Compliance. Currently, all DoD contractors that handle, process or store sensitive types […]…