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Designing Your Future

Christopher Murphy channels the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come by not just look into the future, but shaping the form it takes. By taking action now you can affect the outcome down the road, making all the difference when it comes to a big life change such as leaving full time employment.

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MDN Changelog for November 2018

MDN wraps up a year of hard work by shipping monthly MDN payments, converting from Font Awesome to SVG, adding
browser names to compatibility tables, and growing the development team. Thanks to every one of the contributors who've helped us make MDN Web Docs better than ever in 2018.

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Annotated Build Processes

When you're putting together a build process for a site, it's so dang useful to look at other people's processes. I ran across Andrew Welch's "An Annotated webpack 4 Config for Frontend Web Development" the other day and was glad he blogged it. If I was kicking off a new site where I wanted a webpack build, then I'd almost certainly reference ..

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