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Hacker Noon:

A Decentralized Approach to the Internet with Ben Forgan

Episode 46 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Ben Forgan, Founder of Magic.co and CEO at Hologram.

This episode of Hacker Noon is not possible without DigitalOcean: https://do.co/hackernoon

Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog:

Firefox brings you smooth video playback with the world’s fastest AV1 decoder

With this week's release of Firefox 67, the new high performance royalty-free AV1 video decoder dav1d is now enabled by default on all desktop platforms (Windows, OSX and Linux) for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. And work is in progress on rav1e, the Rust AV1 encoder.

The post Firefox ..


The Power of Serverless v2.0! (Now an Open-Source Gatsby Site Hosted on Netlify)

I created a website called The Power of Serverless for Front-End Developers over at thepowerofserverless.info a little while back while I was learning about that whole idea. I know a little more now but still have an endless amount to learn. Still, I felt like it was time to revamp that site a bit.

For one thing, just like ..

Hacker Noon:

Ashton Kutcher, from Hollywood to superstar tech investor

Ashton Kutcher at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018. (Credits: Steve Jennings for TechCrunch)

From his succesful investment strategy to the importance of gender balance and diversity in tech.

A year ago today, ashton kutcher posted a blog on the website of

Hacker Noon:

Tips On Landing a Software Engineering Job Post-Bootcamp

Photo by Max Nelson on Unsplash

I finished at Fullstack Academy in December 2018 and was on a peculiar journey upon graduating. I was enrolled in the Part-time Immersive Program, which means I was working full-time and my program lasted about..


Front-End Documentation, Style Guides and the Rise of MDX

You can have the best open source project in the world but, if it doesn’t have good documentation, chances are it’ll never take off. In the office, good documentation could save you having to repeatedly answer the same questions. Documentation ensures that people can figure out how things work if key employees decide to leave the company or change roles. Well documented coding guidelines help bring consistency to a codebase.

If you’re w..

Hacker Noon:

9 Keys to Remote Freelancing

Image by Rebecca Hoover

A highly practical guide based on real-life experience

Last week I posted “The 4 Hurdles of Remote Freelancing.” Because the article was about freelancing, not employment, I feared it might flop.

I was wrong. The magnitude of the response stunned me as readers from all over the w..

Hacker Noon:

How Blockchains Will Unify Smart Cities

Smart Cities Today

With more than half of the world population now residing in cities and their sizes ever increasing, the concept of Smart Cities has recently emerged in order to better manage the challenges of dense urban living. Smart Cities use a variety of inputs and sensors to collect, process and interpret data in order to manage assets and resources efficiently. Data can be collected from citiz..

Hacker Noon:

What is micromanaging?

And what is not?


There’s a lot of talk about micromanaging these days, and majority of the people, even the ones who do micromanaging themselves agree that it’s a bad strategy.

Micromanaging is indeed something a boss should not be doing, but the real problem is in understandi..

Hacker Noon:

Best Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

There are so many small businesses in the United States that if they all split off and formed their own country, the population would exceed 120 million people, about as many as currently live in Japan.

In eras gone by, a small business could get by on word-of-mouth advertising and multi-generational customers, but no longer. Having a viable, engaging website is an absolute must for any business hoping to hold its own ag..

Hacker Noon:

Online marketing and (EU) elections in the digital age — your choices are not your own

Online marketing and (EU) elections in the digital age — your choices are not your own

On the ethics of Big Data, persuasion, and the existence of free will

Photo by Frederic Köberl on 

Hacker Noon:

Interview: What does a Data Science Product Manager do, and how do you get that job?

Interview with Jack Moore product manager at Qventus

I recently got a chance to talk to with Jack Moore, product manager at Qventus. Qventus is a start up that uses data science to help hospitals to make better decisions. So Jack’s job is mainly around data science products.

So in this interview, he talked about what does a data science product manager do, how he got into it, and he talked about some tips for candidates who are i..

Planet PHP:

PHP extensions status with upcoming PHP 7.4 - Remi Collet

With PHP 7.4 entering stabilization phase, time to check the status of most commonly used PHP extensions (at least, the ones available in my repository).

Here is the (not yet) exhaustive list.

1. Compatible

The last published version is compatible

# Name Version State   ahocorasick 0.0.6 OK  

Hacker Noon:

Almost Free: Nine Secrets of Bum Marketing for Those Who Have No Money

You can exploit major promotion channels with a small team and without large expenses

A startup faces a difficult problem at its first stage, namely presenting its product to the world, and in case the company opens up a new niche, forming a market into the bargain. Moreover, a startup project has a marketing budget of little more than nothing. However, it is possible to harness the power of major promotion channels wi..

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